Built to Last: Benefits to Purchasing a New-Built Home

There is an increasing group of home buyers that will only purchase a home that is newly built. If you are on the fence about purchasing an older home or a new one, there are some strong, compelling reasons to opt for newly constructed models. When it comes to new construction homes in Novi, MI, here are a few reasons to opt for a newly built house.

Less Maintenance

One of the major reasons that compel house hunters to settle for new constructions is the new condition of the structure. "Brand new" means that all the essential systems and features of the home are new. There's no need to worry about replacing the roof, furnace, or plumbing any time soon. Reduced maintenance is an extremely attractive prospect for busy homeowners who have better things to worry about than spending their savings on new windows.

A great reason to purchase a new construction is that home buyers often have say in a wide array of construction options from flooring materials to interior finishes. Once the construction is completed, the home owner can move in without the need to paint or remodel any part of the home. The home, including its floor plan, can typically be personalized to suit the buyer's singular style.
Up to Code

Buying an older home means that many of the home's systems are out-of-date. Spending a small fortune to update the home's electric isn't a project every new home owner wants to tackle, and yet, it's important for safety reasons and reduced insurance premiums to make certain that all the home's essential systems meet local codes and ordinances. On the other hand, new construction homes are built with the latest codes in mind. Many new constructions feature state-of-the-art features like energy-efficient windows and HVAC systems that make them well worth checking out if you don't fancy a renovation project after you move in.
Other great reasons to purchase a newly built home include excellent warranties, outstanding fire safety features, and great resale value. Before making a decision about purchasing a new home, spend time viewing some model homes and talking to builders about offered options. It's often possible to achieve excellent finance rates on new constructions too. If you are interested in green appliances or other special features, be sure to ask your builder about how much customization is allowed. You'll often find that your builder is open to your ideas.  
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