ReadyShipper Review: Finally, shipping software that gets you ahead

Ecommerce shipping programs that work are hard to find. That is why there is so much attention being turned to ReadyShipper by TrueShip. TrueShip is a company based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. They have been around for over a decade and ecommerce shipping and fulfillment management is their sole focus. ReadyShipper has been their signature software program, but now they also have ReadyLabels, ReadyReturns and ReadyCloud to add to the mix. All of these programs integrate with ReadyShipper and could potentially be the solution to all of your fulfillment headaches. Getting your shipping right is more important than ever before. 

Why shipping is so important
A recent marketing survey polled consumers about what they rated as the deciding factors in how they make purchases online. Surprise! It wasn't whether or not the online store had sliders and video demonstrations. Over 70 percent of those polled said that it was the shipping and return policy of the company that decided who got their business. If you don't have a way to control your shipping costs so you can offer free or low cost shipping, cannot update your customers with tracking and shipping information, and don't have a speedy return process – you will lose customers fast. ReadyShipper looks to be a fully featured program, that is also affordable, that can fix all of those areas for you.

What we went in looking for
To check this out, our ReadyShipper review team just didn't look over the documentation and specifications that TrueShip provided for a review; we signed up for the free 14 day trial like any other customer and tried it out on an eBay store. We also took the other programs for a spin to see how much they can do to make handling shipping and returns easier. Our team wanted to evaluate the following factors in order to give you a realistic opinion on ReadyShipper. We went looking for:
  • Real cost of operation – how much does it really cost per month to run ReadyShipper?
  • Integrations – what ecommerce, shipping and management platforms integrate with ReadyShipper and how easily is it done?
  • Usability – Can a total beginner open up ReadyShipper and learn the program fast?
  • Functionality – Can an advanced user get the program to do what they need to give their business a strong advantage?
  • Support – How good is their customer service and documentation support?

The real cost of ReadyShipper
TrueShip advertises ReadyShipper as having a 14 day free trial with full features and functionality, plus complimentary accounts at and Endicia. After the trial period is over the cost rises to $29.95 a month and it includes one ecommerce integration. ReadyShipper also comes with Flat Rate Select built in, this will give you a better than average rate on Priority Mail packages up to 20 pounds too. There is also complimentary account for Express 1. The Express 1 complimentary account offer can also be used to get the best rates on the USPS Priority and Priority Express mail services. You can use all of them to get discounts on the flat rate boxes and mailers too.

If you want to add more ecommerce integrations, the cost is $9.95 per month, per module. There is no contract. Every account is managed on a month to month basis and you can add or delete modules at will. There is also no extra charge based on the volume of your shipping. Many of the similarly priced ecommerce shipping programs start with a base price close to ReadyShipper, but your monthly cost rises with your volume. TrueShip does not punish you for being successful, they keep the cost the same no matter how much volume you are shipping.

Review of TrueShip’s Ecommerce Integrations
ReadyShipper has numerous ecommerce integrations. These are modules that come with the software, some are free and others are offered for a small monthly price. You get one included ecommerce module with your active subscription. ReadyShipper can integrate into shopping carts like:

  • WooCommerce: WooCommerce is one of the most widely used shopping cart services in the world. Users can create stunning online stores using the pre-made templates, which are also customizable. ReadyShipper integrates into WooCommerce, able to import orders, sort, process and edit them, and update the cart and customer with tracking number and ship status.
  • Shopify: One of the most popular shopping cart services, Shopify makes it easy and fast to get an attractive ecommerce store up and running. ReadyShipper has direct integration into Shopify. It can import orders, sort and edit them and generate digital postage and shipping labels. Once orders are ready to ship, ReadyShipper can update the store with ship status and tracking number.
  • Amazon: ReadyShipper integrates into Amazon stores. It is able to import the orders, allowing users to sort, edit and process them. It can then generate the postage and shipping label, sending updates to customers with order status and tracking number.
  • Volusion: ReadyShipper directly integrates into Volusion. Users can pull orders, edit them, assign a carrier, generate postage and shipping labels and post updates.
  • eBay: ReadyShipper integrates into eBay, and offers easy-to-use functionality. It lets users press one button to import orders, make changes, generate postage and shipping labels and update customers.
  • Network Solutions: ReadyShipper can talk to the API of a Network Solutions store, it’s able to import the orders instantly for fast updates, processing, shipping labels and customer and shopping cart status updates.
  • 3dcart: A very popular shopping cart, ReadyShipper offers the same functionality in this cart as it does for the aforementioned ones.
  • Yahoo: ReadyShipper was the first shipping software to offer Yahoo integration, with the same features available for it as the previously mentioned integrations.

Additional Integrations

ReadyShipper also integrates into Rakuten, Magento, PayPal, Etsy, Newegg, OrderMotion, LimeLight, Monsoon Commerce, ChannelAdvisor, AcctVantage ERP and coreSense to offer a complete ecommerce shipping and fulfillment solution. Due to the nature of the length of this TrueShip review, we won’t cover each integration in depth. But more information can be found by visiting this company online.
Usability – easy, strong and full featured
The first thing that our ReadyShipper review team noticed is that the design of the program interface looks familiar, and that is on purpose. TrueShip decided against reinventing the wheel and instead took inspiration from the user friendly interfaces found on most Apple products. That is a strong point in ReadyShipper's favor, once the program opens you already know where to look to find what you need.

Not only are the menus easy to navigate, but managing the ecommerce and shipping management integrations is easy too. You can open up the Order Browser and select the account to access. Access the account and import the order data to begin managing the shipments. Use the “Shipping Genie” to proof your completed orders to make sure there are no red flags that could result in returns or errors in shipment. Once you are ready to ship, connect to your carrier account through the appropriate feature choice and arrange the shipment. The last part is to then send an update to your customer with the most current information about their order. All of this is done from within the ReadyShipper interface so the process is fast and smooth.

Putting ReadyShipper to the test
Our ReadyShipper review team took the program into the real world during the 14 day free trial and used it with an eBay store. The results were better than expected. Within one hour the team was handling orders online. One of the things that made this possible was the point and click integration of the accounts. There is nothing complicated about opening up ReadyShipper and choosing the ecommerce platform you want to connect to from the main menu. Log in and you are integrated.

We tested it on both PC and Mac, and each test showed the program is reliable on each OS. We also tested the integration with the three major carriers the shipments and each wound up saving time in processing the order. Using the flat rate with USPS, we got an additional discount using the postage service. Better still, for each of the orders shipped, ReadyReturns let us preset a return label to automate the process should the customer have an issue.

Customer support and documentation that can't be beat
Read any of the ReadyShipper reviews and you will see a trend emerge; every single reviewer was impressed by TrueShip's quality customer service team and the online documentation. TrueShip offers a toll free help line during business hours. You can also opt to contact customer service by using email. The reply times were great, and every single question we had was answered by a friendly service specialist who knew what they were talking about.

For documentation, ReadyShipper has an easy to use help system that covers ever topic you can imagine. They also have a series of video tutorials that can make mastery any of the TrueShip programs easy. Our tester spent about an hour the first time they used the program and by the time they were done, they had successfully completed a shipment and updated the customer. It is easy to see that as you use the program, the structured documentation will take you from beginner to advanced user easily. There are also weekly seminars to help you along the way too.

ReadyLabels expands your options
ReadyShipper comes set up to allow you to print the standard 4”x6” thermal shipping labels and digital postage, but when you expand the program with ReadyLabels, there is much more you can do. With ReadyLabels you can print all-in-one invoices on any laser or ink jet printer. They contain a packing list and comment card (both perforated), and a peel-and-stick 4”x6” shipping label. ReadyLabels can be used with all the major carriers ReadyShipper is compatible with, and, Endicia, APC Logistics and Express 1. Both programs still use the same imported data from your ecommerce accounts, which means you will still get the same tracking and analytic information you want at the end.

What this ReadyShipper review loved about TrueShip's products
There is a lot to love about what TrueShip has to offer, and most ReadyShipper reviews wind up stumbling over themselves to try and cover everything. We are going to list out the main reasons we loved ReadyShipper. There is nothing new in this list from what we have talked about before, but all these points should be underscored as they put this shipping software program miles ahead of any other.

  • It's User friendly – TrueShip took a page from Apple with the design of the user interface, and then they went one further by providing excellent backup and customer support to give you everything you need to ship successfully. This program is suitable for a beginner, or an advanced user. Everything about it is designed to put the focus on your information, not any flashy widgets. The interface is clean, simple and easy to use.
  • It's not web-based – We all love web-based and cloud applications, but your shipping program doesn't need to be one of them unless you have multiple locations. If you do, then use ReadyCloud to gain the cloud advantage. If you don't need that type of service, the fact that ReadyShipper can work offline is going to work to your advantage. You only have to connect to import and export data. You can then work offline on your orders, which increases your reliability in fulfillment with your customers.
  • Multiple integrations – ReadyShipper doesn't just come with a few of the main ecommerce and shipping service sites integrated, it has the major ones included; but it also has a long list of additional integrations you can choose to create the program you need. This is a shipping solution that can be used with more sites than you can imagine.
  • Postage and shipping discounts – ReadyShipper comes with a complimentary or Endicia account that can help you tap into significant savings on your postage. There is also a complimentary account with Express 1 available for new users only. This account can let you save more using Flat Rate Select with Priority Mail shipments under 20 pounds.
  • Customer support – TrueShip offers a toll free support number during business hours that has reasonable wait times, and you can also contact customer service at any time using email. Customers have given their support high ratings. Their extensive documentation and online video tutorials are another way in which they provide support for you that can be accessed – and understood easily.  
  • Affordable- ReadyShipper starts with a free 14 day trial, and then the basic account costs $29.99 a month. This includes one ecommerce module and complimentary accounts with discount postage services. It costs only $9.95 per month for each additional ecommerce integration you want. There is no contract; the billing is strictly month to month so you can change your integration as you go without penalty too. There is also no penalty if your company grows and your volume increases – ReadyShipper is the same price for everyone.

In conclusion: ReadyShipper and TrueShip are what you need
Just like all the other ReadyShipper reviews out there, our ReadyShipper review team found little to fault for the service. It doesn't matter if you are a one person business selling crafts out of Etsy, or a corporation with multiple brick and mortar stores – ReadyShipper can meet your shipping needs. Better still, it meets those needs easily – and can show you how to save more time and money with your shipping too.

The top three selling points of ReadyShipper boil down to this:
  1. It's a desktop based application, with cloud capability, so it is as reliable as you want – and as available as you need.
  2. The price is affordable with no contract. You can change and switch ecommerce modules with no penalties, and there is also no penalty for being successful. No matter how big you get and how much you ship – ReadyShipper's base monthly price is still $29.95.
  3. The customer service and support is high class. You have everything you need to get up and running, and to learn the more advanced features as you need them. There are even weekly training seminars you can take part in too.
When you put all of that together with one last point, you can see why we recommend ReadyShipper. That one power point is -
  • ReadyShipper does what it is supposed to do and makes discounts available to you that you may not be aware of.
This is not some beta program an upstart is throwing out there – ReadyShipper is TrueShip's pride and joy. They have been in business for over ten years and their experience shows. Their commitment to quality can only serve you well. With a free 14 day trial, you really don't have anything to lose in trying ReadyShipper to see if it is right for you.
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