Benefits of using high quality oak faced mdf for new furniture

The MDF board is easy to use for many in variety of ways with many different kinds of applications. This is commonly requested by users in furniture for properties like hard wearing veneer surface layer (eg: flooring applications), due for the rigidity and strength (Eg: musical instruments). It’s also used on regular basis in making of decorative furniture’s, where the core is seen or accentuated with the desire to have the edge with many uniform colours using the oak faced panel.

The oak faced mdf board is very stable and strong alternative to panels, lumber which are manufactured from edge-glued lumber strips while offering the core and face of peeled oak. Such plywood panels are mainly produced using 1.66mm minimum rotary oak face having the core of 2.5mm and 1.66mm peeled oak veneer. These boards are manufactured to suffice the exact specification as required. If considered, face veneers of 2.5mm or the non-standard layup, use 2.5mm throughout the face and core, which is accommodated to suit the exact requirements.

Benefits of using the oak faced mdf


In times where taking out time is a task, nobody wants to spend additional effort and time on furniture once purchased. This is news when furniture made from oak can be maintained only with a hand of polish on it twice a year. It will keep the oak surface look great and ascertain to buff the areas out which aren’t scratched yet. It’s important to make sure the oak is treated with great care as any type of furniture won’t be in perfect condition if it’s abused. Oak can last for long time with less 
maintenance which makes this a preferable choice for people looking in a great deal into it.


These boards  are very durable and strong. This is great when used for keeping bulky books or can work as the desk which doesn’t breaks apart due to the heaviness of computer. This is the strongest wood which is used for making furniture. There are some cheap alternatives which will last but the oak material can last for many years to come without reducing its strength. This will resist scratches and surface stains because this is one solid wood piece which works great for people who have pets and kids around.


Oak looks traditional and classic but this can work great with many similar materials. Consider an example: you can use for decorating the home traditionally when it’s missed with the metal decor for contemporary feel. Such wood looks great and won’t rust or fade away with time. Oak actually appears better as it ages. This is a great material if something is required to stand out when furniture making is considered. This is a kind of wood which can bring rustic feel and warmth into rooms of every home.


There are a few well knwon companies  like Cworkshop offering  high quality products. Furniture made from oak faced mdf is available in many different forms. You will find nightstands, coffee tables, beds, dinner tables, chairs, console tables, dressers and many other things made from the material. As it mixes well with variety of furniture you can match and mix or look everything adjusted with beautiful features of oak. 
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