Simple Website Builder for New Bloggers

Simple website builders for new bloggers, congratulations on your decision to start a blog! At this point you are probably sitting in front of your computer and thinking to start a blog.

If you have not ever started your own website or blog before, it’s easy to get intimidated. Here’s the good news: you no longer need to know how to do a bunch of fancy coding to set up a basic website or blog.

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There are all sorts of platforms that will do that part of work for you, like the Easy and free website builder at If you want a blog, you can also start with some blog-based content management systems like Wordpress, Typepad and Google’s Blogger.

simple website builder

You simply create a user name (or use your Google username), a password, choose a design and viola! You’re ready to start writing your first blog post! The great thing about all of these different website and blog builders is that they use some simple and easy to use “plug and play” code (aka What You See Is What You Get or WYSIWYG) editors.

You can simply click on the different elements of the site that you want to change (the header, the order of your sidebar items, the colors of your fonts and headlines, the background) and put in your own choices and designs. Headers are really easy to create in PhotoShop.

Your website will tell you what the dimensions of your header are (most are 900x200 or so). Plug those dimensions into Photoshop and start playing around. A good header will have easy to read site names and taglines. Beyond that, the graphical elements are up to you.

Remember, though: with headers, less is often more. When you’re happy with the design, save the file as a .JPG, upload it to your site’s files and then choose it instead of the default and viola! Pretty! The sidebars can be a bit of a minefield. When you first start blogging, you’re going to be tempted to fill up your sidebars with all sorts buttons and animations.

It’s sort of like when you set up your first social media profile. Do you remember how much fun it was to make your MySpace profile as busy and animated as possible? Then, as time went on, you cared more about it being easy to look at and navigate. Your sidebars are where you put the things you most want to highlight: links to social media profiles, awards you’ve won and…that’s about it.

Where your font colors are concerned, subtle is always better. The last thing you want, if you want people to take you seriously, is to use font colors that will make your blog look like it was composed by a sixth grade girl (unless you are a sixth grade girl and then you’re fine).

You can use colors other than black and keep them muted and easy to see. The primary rule of thumb that you need to remember about your blog is that blogging is all about the content. You want the site to look good and feel inviting but it is the words and images you use in your posts that truly matter. The rest of it is just window dressing.
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