Importance Of Application Security Consultants In Smartphone Era

No doubt, the latest smartphones is regarded as the symbol of sophisticated technology in the market of mobile phones. Therefore, lots of people are choosing smartphones instead of feature phones. According to a recent report by Media cells,published inthe Guardian, India will become the second largest smartphone market in the world after the US by the end of 2014. Due to this exponential rise of smartphone market, many organizations are swiftly deploying mobile applications of their customer-facing and internal applications.However, these smartphone applications also have some risks and this is the reason why every organization needs to be careful and employ advanced application security measures.

The common problem that every company or business owner encounters with smartphone applications is security breaches. Every company always try to ensure that its confidential information is properly distributed, but this is not enough to ensure the privacy of its valuable information. Some other higher level security risks related to smartphone applications are user authentication, security analysis and monitoring, data security on the device, device management/application provisioning and data transit issues. Familiarizing yourself with all these aspects of security risks will give you a fair idea of the things that you need to know about the Smartphone Application Security.

The rising number of attacks on smartphone applications has become an albatross around the neck of companies. In order to gain success and enhance reputation among customers, the companies have to enhance the security of their smartphone applications. This can be done effectively by any third party application security testing service. There are various application security companies in the market that provide advanced mobile application security solutions in order to keep cyber criminals and hackers at bay. Organizations can take help of these security companies in order to enhance the security of their mobile application effectively.

Now these days, smart organizations are also taking help from the application security consultants.  The application security consultancy services deliver the most comprehensive menu of security offerings to the organizations. These offerings help organizations to effectively implement information security best practices in their mobile application that can lower down the risk of various security beaches. A good security consultancy service is tailored to every organization's unique needsand is based on industry recognized standards and the best practices so as to maximize the profit of any organization.

A good application security consultant has a distinctive combination of technical depth, industry expertise, and differentiated services in order to deliver the benefits of world-class management consulting to their clients.With the help of application security consultants, organizations can mitigate the security risk by identifying vulnerabilities before they become threats. Organizations can also minimize the impact of a security breach by providing immediate, expert oversight of the mitigation process.

Mobile application security is quite essential especially in business. If any company do not pay attention to the application security, the precious data of application users could be lost, damaged, or worst of all fall in the wrong hands. On the other hand, if you company applied preventive security measures before developing a mobile application, they can augment their customer base in this smartphone era.
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