E Cigarette: The New Safe Smoking Solution

The demand for cigarettes is shockingly on the rise with 1.1 billion people smoking away trillions of them irrespective of the harmful effects. Smoking everyday exposes you to the risk of developing a host of cancers such as lip, tongue, throat, mouth, lung and bladder cancer, to name a few. If you think the potential health damages end here, you could not be more wrong. Smoking pipe, cigar, bidi and hookah also causes heart diseases along with these cancers. Traditional cigarettes, with tobacco inside, contain toxins and harmful chemicals. When lit, a cigarette releases smoke that is not only harmful to the smoker but also to the people around him who inadvertently become the passive smokers. However, there’s a great alternative taking hold of the market these days. It is the E-Cigarette or the electronic cigarette. This is a product that delivers the complete smoking satisfaction at a much lesser health risk.

What are E-cigarettes?

Shaped like your average cigarettes, the E-cigarettes are battery operated smoking products. They are also popular by names such as vaporizer cigarettes and vapor cigarettes, and are quite the new rage.

Their advantages are many. A vaporizer cigarette is tobacco free and in some cases nicotine free too! Get an attractive choice of vapor cigarette deals on the website and get the advantage of smoking healthier. No more health worries. What’s more, you can always recharge them with an assortment of USB chargers so; you do not have to go anywhere to buy a new pack of cigarettes.

The Cigarette in Electronic Avatar

An electronic cigarette is designed to resemble your conventional cigarettes, cigars and pipes. The mechanism inside this electronic device converts liquid known as e liquid into vapors. E liquid contains chemicals and nicotine, the concentration of which can be controlled by the consumer. In fact, one may even opt for a nicotine free e liquid. When a consumer puffs the cigarette, only the vapor minus the tar and other harmful substances goes into their body 0enabling them to enjoy the smoking experience without the attached health issues or the harm that’s done to the passive smokers around them.

While cigarettes contain around 4000-7000 harmful substances, E-Cigarettes contain no cancer causing elements, which makes them a way better choice than the usual smoking options. Research studies till now have not found any long term damaging side effects of E-cigarettes. This is another reason why their market is slowly expanding and the sales rising tremendously over the last decade.

For people who wish to find an alternative to smoking, E-Cigarettes can be a great substitute because they give you the same sensory experience deluding your brain into thinking that you are actually smoking tobacco when in reality all you are doing is puffing the vaporized flavored liquid. Yes! People can enjoy a variety of flavors too. So the next time you smoke, think about your health and opt for a healthier vaporizer cigarette solution.

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